Army of the Caliphate

The Caliphate must deal with occasional struggles between the Emirs, the tribes, and of course hostile monsters from the desert. With such a large area to patrol, most of the army is mounted. The nobles form the center of the battle line, and are the equal of any Lowlander Knight, albeit more lightly armored. The Ghulam regiments form the main line, and are often seen patrolling the desert. They are an odd sort of armored horse archer. The cities can call out a militia, which is even parts spears and bows. Only Khurasan itself can muster the full compliment of these soldiers- outlying oasis towns must make do with less. The semi-feral desert tribes can be roped into providing a contingent for almost any cause. The have skirmishing archers, and light lancer cavalry. There are also two regiments of Paladins that can be called out: the Ghazi, and the Daylami. The Ghazi are the more political of the two, and rarely leave the vicinity of Khurasan. The Daylami draw from the outlying areas, and are sent to trouble spots throughout the Caliphate. Each of these units have Preists of Pelor assigned to them as inspirations and healers.

In times of need, the invokers of Pelor will form an arcane unit, called the Naffatun.

The army of the Caliphate at full strength:

  • 1 unit Lancers (Average Lancer Cavalry)
  • 2 units Ghulam (Superior Sword and Bow Cavalry)
  • 3 units Foot (Poor Spear and Bow Heavy Foot)
  • 1 unit Tuareg Foot (Average Bow Light Foot)
  • 2 units Mounted Tuaregs (Average Lancer Light Cavalry)
  • 1 unit Ghazi (Superior Assault Swords Heavy Foot)
  • 1 unit Daylami (Superior Assault Bow and Sword Light Foot)
  • 1 unit Naffatun (Superior Arcane Light Foot)

Army of the Caliphate

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