Maritime Armies

The Merchant Princes filed armies consisting mostly of mercenaries from the biggest and meanest races to be found. These typically fight from horseback, but can dismount for naval actions and sieges. They are very experienced, but have no great loyalty to their employers.

The Drow standing forces consist of Mounted crossbowmen (who often have quite a few mercenaries themselves), and Duelists fighting as light infantry. The crossbows can dismount for naval and street fights.

Each city has a militia of pavisiers, who are mixed units of crossbows and spears who fight behind shield walls called pavises. These are generally of poor quality as each regiment is loyal only to their lord, and not to the city itself.

Maritime Army at full strength:
  • 3 units Mercenaries (Superior Heavy Lancer Cavalry)
  • 1 unit Mounted Crossbow (Average Crossbow Cavalry)
  • 1 unit Duelists (Superior Sword and Hand Crossbow Light Foot)
  • 1 unit Veteran Pavisiers (Average Spear and Crossbow Heavy Foot)
  • 2 units Militia Pavisiers (Poor Spear and Crossbow Heavy Foot)

Each city can field a specialty unit, as explained below

Flyrent: This city has been having difficulty on the battlefield as of late. The have equipped their Pavisiers with a longer spear, called a “pike”, and they have hired Rys Mercenary Archers.

add 1 unit Mercenary Longbows (Superior Longbow Light Foot)

Malyn: These are considered the most arrogant of the City-states, and their nobility ride into battle in the Lowlander fashion.

add 1 unit Knights (Superior Heavy Lancer Cavalry)

Naplytrya: The poorest of the city states, these princes arm their peasants.

add 1 unit Archers (Average Bow Light Foot)

Vynatrya: Due to their superior horsemanship and breeding, this city fields more cavalry.

add 1 unit Horse Archers (Average Bow Light Cavalry)

Temple city of Pargryn: Even the center of Drow worship gets involved in the internecine struggles for supremacy. They have Templars to draw on.

add 1 unit Templars (Superior Swords Heavy Foot)

Maritime Armies

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